Rapid Development Program

If you have an FCG-registered FSK HART 5, 6 or 7 device, you now have a chance to migrate it to HART 7 WirelessHART with AwiaTech’s Rapid Development Program. This Program provides a customized Rapid Development Kit (RDK), which connects to your device using standard FSK communications. The resulting combination of your device and the RDK will behave as a single native WirelessHART device that is ready for the FieldComm Group’s WirelessHART registration test. AwiaTech’s Rapid Development Program is a quick and low-cost solution for migrating your HART devices to WirelessHART.


  • Demonstrate your product’s ability to fully function as a WirelessHART device – keeping you in “the game” as customers demand WirelessHART devices.
  • A low-risk, cost-effective chance to “test drive” your product as a WirelessHART device without a single board re-design or component change – eliminating product development surprises.
  • Create a 100% FCG compliant and conforming device which is ready to pass the FCG device registration test.
  • Eliminate the need for expensive and time consuming development programs to create a WirelessHART prototype.
  • Accelerate your HART 7 device development program by providing management with budgetary confidence and development team self-assurance.
  • Allow your sales staff to gain important market and product feedback when they report to potential customers that you indeed have a working WirelessHART prototype that will pass the FCG registration test – an important part of your WirelessHART product development strategy.

What to expect?

  • You ship one of your devices to AwiaTech and provide some WirelessHART-required information (such as expanded device type).
  • Within one month, you will receive your device along with a customized RDK.
  • When connected together and powered on, your device and the RDK will become a single native WirelessHART device on a WirelessHART network. This WirelessHART device will have full WirelessHART capabilities, and also continue to function as the original FSK device.
  • With AwiaTech’s warranty, it is capable of passing the FCG’s registration test and fully compatible with registered WirelessHART devices on the market.

What is it? 

  • A complete rapid development solution that includes the device stack, radio, instruction manual, and everything you need to migrate/upgrade your FSK HART device to a WirelessHART device. An optional reference gateway is also available from AwiaTech.
  • Your fastest and most low-risk development solution that enables you to create the 1st version of a fully functional HART 7 prototype from your existing FSK HART  device.
  • A development tool that will enable your device to meet ALL of the HART 7 Specifications – allowing your device to be considered a “fully functional HART 7 prototype” before any circuit board modifications or component changes.

For technical details, please refer to the following user guide: