Press Release: AwiaTech announces its WirelessHART network stack and Very Innovative Partner (VIP) Program

April,4, 2011 – Austin, TEXAS
AwiaTech, a developer of WirelessHART-conforming wireless sensor network solutions for industrial automation, today announces the availability of Awia Warrior 220, its WirelessHART network stack, as well as the launch of its AwiaTech Very Innovative Partner (VIP) Program.

Awia Warrior 220 is a fully WirelessHART standard-conforming network stack, designed to run on open hardware platforms. It currently runs on Freescale MC1322X chips, with impending plans to expand to other state-of-the-art platforms. Awia Warrior 220 implements comprehensive WirelessHART features, including both source routing and graph routing, redundant access points and shared links. Awia Warrior 220 has passed all applicable WirelessHART-related Wi-Htest test cases.

AwiaTech is simultaneously launching its new Very Innovative Partner (VIP) program, which encourages device manufacturers to build the kind of innovative WirelessHART devices that are currently unavailable on the market. AwiaTech will grant selected manufacturers an unlimited number of free Awia Warrior lifetime licenses for these innovative products. The VIP program does not cover products that are similar to others that are already on the market. As such, it gives innovative companies a tremendous cost advantage over copycat competitors.

“Innovation is by its nature risky,” said Chairman and President Dr. Aloysius Mok, “AwiaTech was founded on a vision of making technology as broadly accessible as possible. Part of this vision includes rewarding innovative companies by reducing their risks. It is for this reason that we are willing to give out our network stack for free to innovative companies. ”

“Device manufacturers can now pick up an evaluation kit, co-develop great products with world-class AwiaTech engineers, and then enjoy the benefits of this great program, passing on their cost-saving to end users,” said CEO Dr. Alex Feng, “WirelessHART is so far the only proven wireless standard for industrial automation. It is time for us to focus on speeding up market adoption and letting everyone benefit from a much bigger market.”

Awia Warrior 220 has passed FCC and EU CE certifications and obtained the US Bureau of Industry and Security’s approval for export.  For $2,998, the Awia Warrior WirelessHART evaluation kit contains five Awia Warrior 220 nodes, one access point, a network manager and gateway, and detailed documentation on development integration. A regular licensing program for Awia Warrior is also available.

About AwiaTech:

AwiaTech (Advancing Wireless Industrial Automation Technology) corporation was founded by Dr. Aloysious Mok, an internationally renowned expert in real-time systems and Quincy Lee Centennial Professor in Computer Science at the University of Texas at Austin.

Dr. Mok and his research group began conducting groundbreaking research on wireless process automation as early as 1998, and have continued to be one of the top research teams in the world. In 2006, Dr. Mok and his research team started working on WirelessHART technology, and built the most standard conforming network stack. Committed to promoting wireless technology for industrial automation, Dr. Mok founded AwiaTech in 2008. AwiaTech’s recent work includes helping HART Communication Foundation develop HCF_KIT-193 (Wi-HTest), the test suite for WirelessHART registration, and collaborating with a Fortune 500 company on their WirelessHART product development. Dr. Mok is also the co-author of the first book on WirelessHART technology—“WirelessHART™ – Real-Time Mesh Network for Industrial Automation”

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