WirelessHART Stack Licensing Program

AwiaTech WirelessHART Stack is a fully standard conforming WirelessHART software stack which runs on top of various state-of-the-art hardware platforms.


  1. Used in HART Registered™ products
  2. Full interoperability with registered WirelessHART devices on the market from other vendors
  3. Best power efficiency on COTS (commercial-off-the-shelf) hardware
  4. Built by the same team who helped develop the registration tools for the FieldComm Group
  5. Open hardware approach to provide customers with the best hardware technology available without hardware lock-in
  6. Standard interface with FSK HART modules and FSK application layer for fast integration


  1. Unlimited copies for a single device type (defined as the Device Type Code)
  2. Complete WirelessHART stack binary library with source code project template for easy integration
  3. Complete hardware design schematics for PCB board manufacturing
  4. Full documentation
  5. Device Descriptor (DD) source code
  6. One reference device for a quick start to development on the WirelessHART Stack

Datasheet AwiaWarrior230 Rev1: datasheet for the reference WirelessHART module

For more information, please contact info@awiatech.com.