Pre-Registration Service (PRS)

Pre-Registration Test Service (PRS) is designed for WirelessHART devices under development and ready for registration.


  • Why do you need the service?
    • WirelessHART Device Registration is a time-consuming process. WirelessHART is a complex technology and the test resources provided by the FCG, including the test specs and test tools, are relatively new. It poses a steep learning curve to engineers new to this process.
    • The registration tests are not fully automated. A substantial part of the test and analysis still require manual input and inspection.
    • AwiaTech’s PRS will give your engineers early and fast feedback along the product development, thus saving total engineering cost and reducing time-to-market.
  • What do we do?
    • Perform full registration test cases on the device under development
    • Analyze the test logs and report issues found according to the FCG’s interpretation of the test specs.
    • Suggest solutions to issues found
    • A sample report can be found here. 
  • Why are we qualified to provide this service?
    • AwiaTech has gone through the registration process for its own WirelessHART network stack.
    • AwiaTech is located 5-minute away from the FCG office and has easy access to and close relationship with the FCG.