Product Development Training

AwiaTech has provided training services on behalf of the FieldComm Group and to complement the FCG’s training, AwiaTech now provides WirelessHART Technology Overview and Product Development workshops for sales/marketing professionals and product development teams.

The objective is to provide you and your development team with the opportunity to hear and discuss the latest information and specifications regarding WirelessHART technology and to then brainstorm the possible features and specification of a new product.

Sample Workshop Agenda


  1. WirelessHART OSI Layers
  2. Explain key concepts in PHY,DLL, and Network Layer
  3. Key topics: How graph routing, superframe routing, source routing work?
  4. WirelessHART Procedures
  1. Walk thru key scenarios step by step:
  1. Device Join:
  1. Why is it always slow to join? Is it possible to make it much faster, like within 10 seconds?
  2. Device Leave
  3. Path Failure.
  1. WirelessHART Network Manager and Gateway
  1. Overall Design
  2. Graph construction
  3. Native support of redundant access points
  4. Schedule construction
  5. Questions to be answered:
  1. Is it true that WirelessHART is slow?
  1. How can we trouble shoot performance issues?
  1. Can WirelessHART be used for control?
  1. Up to how many devices can a WirelessHART network support?
  1. What is defined in HART7 and what is not?
  2. What can WirelessHART do but not supported by a dominant vendor?
  3. What is WirelessHART capable of doing but not yet defined in HART7?
  4. Future directions of WirelessHART
  5. Demo of AwiaTech product line such as WirelessHART modules, network manager/gateway, and Network simulator.

WirelessHART Product Consulting Sample Agenda

Topics Covered:

  • What do users expect from a wireless solution?
  • What feedback do we hear from customers?
  • What is the market positioning of your company?  Why?
  • What new features or functions are needed?
  • Are there any new use cases that can be identified?
  • What are the characteristics of a new product?
  • How do you migrate your HART 5 devices to HART 7?
  • What does the roadmap look like?
  • Q&A, wrap-up and open items


A report will be provided that identifies the key issues discussed during the meeting.  The report will address any open assigned questions and will also include a recommended roadmap for future product and technology development.

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