Awia Vanguard Series

Key Features and Benefits

(Note: According to the WirelessHART standard, Gateway and Network Manager are two separate components. However, in practice, they are sometimes packaged into a same enclosure and referred to as a single Gateway. For a complete understanding of the features we offer, please also look at Awia Commander Series.)

  • Control Applications Support – Our network manager supports control in the gateway with improved functionality and enhanced network performance.
  • Multiple Access Point Support – Our network manager supports multiple access points to provide reliable and redundant communication.
  • Data Caching Functionality – Our gateway has data caching functionality that support different kinds of queries from the application Host and displays them in the gateway for the ease of the user. Our gateway also provides different APIs to different applications including an interface to OPC server.  This helps to smooth out network traffic, increases gateway responsiveness and automatically updates all stale cached values.
  • Tested and Verified for Interoperability – AwiaTech devices have been tested and verified to join the Emerson Gateway and Emerson devices have been tested and verified to join the AwiaTech gateway – giving you confidence in our implementation.

Control in the Gateway Demo: