Awia Commander Series

Network management technology is AwiaTech’s core expertise based on 30+ years’ world’s leading research at the University of Texas at Austin. We hold the key to an immediate and substantial competitive advantage for our customers. AwiaTech’s advancement in reliability, scalability and performance enables WirelessHART for applications that were not possible before such as Ultra-Band WirelessHART and WirelessHART for high-speed control.

AwiaTech has surpassed its competitors in the network manager technology by over five years.” -Jose Gutierrez,  Director of Technology, Emerson

Key Features and Benefits

  • Rich Functionality and High Performance – Our network manager fully supports superframe routing, graph routing and source routing. Our best-in-class algorithms construct reliable uplink graph, reliable broadcast graph and reliable downlink graph.  Our sequential reliable downlink routing algorithm further reduces the network congestion and improves the communication latency. Experiments show that our scheduling algorithm can significantly improve the network utilization and improve the schedulability. Other network managers do not support graph routing in the old version and still doesn’t support it well in the new version.  This becomes an issue as the mesh networks get larger.
  • Network Simulation Capability – Our network manager can work as a network simulator. It allows the users to input randomly generated or user-specified network topology and run different routing algorithms on top of it – without the need of actual devices. This is an important feature for users who wish to conduct pre-deployment evaluations including capacity planning, critical loop analysis, and “what-if” analysis for existing WirelessHART networks without risking or impacting the actual network.
  • Improved Visualization and User-friendly Interface – Our network manager provides a user-friendly UI for users and operators to monitor the current network topology, routing configuration and wireless signal strength information. A set of comprehensive filtering functions is provided to allow users to focus only on interesting information. The network manager also keeps track of the authorized device and access point information and the dynamic network statistics.
  • Hardware and Operating System Independent Platform – Our network manager is implemented in Java and can be easily installed on various operating systems. It has already been tested in Windows 2003, 2008, XP, Vista, Windows 7 (32bit and 64bit) and Ubuntu. It can also be ported to embedded controllers where JVM is running.